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Toner Organic ROSE WATER

Toner Organic ROSE WATER

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A beautiful blend of organic rose hydrosol and skin-loving ingredients. This rose water toner is a well formulated liquid to soothe and refine the skin with natural rose aroma. It removes impurities and dirt left on your skin after cleansing, tightens your pores and moisturizes your skin. Now you are ready for the next steps of your skincare routine!

Organic Rose Hydrosol*, Aqua, Vegetable Glycerin, Vitamin 

Organic Rose Hydrosol: anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, soothing, conditioning and toning skin.
Vegetable Glycerin: softening, soothing, retains moisture.
Vitamin E: anti-aging, antioxidant.

After cleansing face and neck, shake bottle and apply to cotton round, gently wipe over face and neck.

Other uses
Mix with our 3-in-1 PINK CLEANSING GRAINS to form a calming mask.

AnitaKo Organics is an artisan line of natural inspired bath and beauty products. Formulated only with pure, raw, aromatic and sustainable organic ingredients to for giving you a radiant body, mind and spirit. Give it a try, and get hooked.